PWR Gaming was newly founded in January of 2017, however we have been hosting and managing tournaments for Paragon since August of 2016. In February of 2017 we started our own official tournaments under the name Paragon Minor League  ( PML) which then changed to Paragon Major League in July after we opened up our events for all teams to join not just below 2000 "Elo" . While our first tournament started with only six teams, we have since grown to average over 20 teams and are looking for continuing expansion. We want our tournaments to be competitive, however this doesn't mean we are going to be putting the grand masters of Paragon against the newest of new players. We've came up with a managing system that works to make the matches as balanced as possible between teams' skill levels.

2018- PWR Gaming continues to host tournaments for different games. We have now branched out and are building Competitive High level teams and different games. Keep an eye on the PWR Squads we are hungry and with the support of the community and sponsors we strive to make a name for ourselves.

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